Why have a website? was intended first to allow me to have my own name as an e-mail and domain, and
second to ensure that no one could contact me without learning how to spell my last name! (a serious
pet peeve of mine)  But now you are here, ostensibly because you know me or one of my friends, or can
spell my name and wish to contact me.  Welcome!
Born the last of nine children, Mr. Raabe was raised a meek but brilliant child overlooked by his brothers
and sisters.  Excelling in origami, he was sent to Japan to study with the masters as a child, but so as not
to intimidate his siblings, these trips were often described as "going to camp" or "on tour with the choir".  
Finding that origami did not fulfill him spiritually, Pat drove to Alaska to commune with the Salmon.  After
a decade he decided that salmon were fun to catch and tasty, but not mentally stimulating, so he
decided to go back to California to pursue a doctorate in Physics.  He took a wrong turn and ended up a
Corrosion Engineer, much to his delight.  He resides at the base of Mount Rainier in Washington State
where, in his spare time, he raises mutant puppies for sale as meat and composes novels in Haiku from
his hot tub on the bank of the Cedar River.  Tough life.
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Hey there!  Welcome to my website  As some of you may know, this site started as a challenge to myself
while bored in Guam around 2001 - could I learn HTML in a weekend and start a web page?  I did.  The
result was fairly crude, but not a bad start overall.  The problem was that the concept was not very well
conceived, because the main focus was learning HTML.  Updates had the same problem.  Once I got
further into it, I realized that I would have to totally revamp the site to be content, and I put that off for a
long time, in typical Pat fashion!  So, here it is, the beginning of a new and improved Pat!
About Alaska
I love Alaska.  First went up there in 1988 for adventure.  Worked in the salmon processing business for
9 summers, then kept going back up after college.  I meet up with my friends the Bakers from NorCal,
and we hang out with our friends Scooter, Chris and Janice, and other assorted characters.  I have a
couple of one-acre lots in Kasilof and hope to build cabins on one as our getaway spot, and a house on
the other to sell.  Click the buttons below to see some photos.